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Welcome to 2017
The Year of Yes! Yes!

One YES for the dream.
One YES for the process.

You can't skip the process to achieve your dream. You need a strong positive mindset to get through the process. And you need practice to achieve that.

It's your year to say YES I am enough and let yourself succeed in creating your best year yet!I

intenSati is the practice of mindfulness without judgment. It's what allows us to feel great about ourselves as we are right now, and not waiting until we've lost weight, earned the money, gotten the relationship, written the book, or whatever else we're chasing.

One of the things that helps tremendously is to develop the ability to live in the space between a stimulus and our response. Rather than reacting habitually, what if we could be present enough to choose a response?

The practice this month is to remember to take a moment and notice when some stimulus is present, and taking a moment to choose.


What I Sow

What I sow is what I reap.
What I seek is seeking me.
All good comes my way
I am grateful today.

I am a magnet for success
So I lay my fears to rest
Miracles are happening
I am blessed

I am here to serve
I am here to give
I'm here to create
I'm here to live.

The goldmine in me
is now released
I now allow
All good to come to me!


what is intensati bend intensati

satilifea heart centered approach to body, mind, & spirit





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