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warrior challenge

30-Day Challenge
  1. Start each day by journaling about why you want to make progress in this area this year and what actions you are taking.
  2. Tell other people what you are up to and share about your progress.
  3. Look around for others who are succeeding in doing what you are doing and acknowledge them and learn from them.
  4. Do something different. Make sure you are not just doing the same old thing. Do something you have never done before.
  5. Remember, every day is a gift so put yourself first. Make sure you are spending at least 1 hour a day on your mental, physical and spiritual health.
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It's a New Year (PERSEVERANCE)
The best year ever (GREAT)
The sky is the limit (COMMITMENT)
And I'm gonna get it (ACCEPTANCE)
I am here to serve (SERVICE)
I am here to uplift (UPLIFT)
I'm gonna chuck inhibitions (RELEASE)
I am on a mission (COURAGE)
I am showing up (VICTORY, jumping jack)
Even more than before (HAPPY)
I am giving my all (WILLPOWER)
I am ready to soar (VICTORY, run)
I am turning it up (FOCUS)
I have made the decision (DETACH)
I really, really want it (DESIRE)
So start the ignition (INTENTION)

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Love before me (Arms sweep forward with feet together)
Love behind me (Arms sweep behind with forward bow)
Love at my left (Side stretch to left)
Love at my right (Side stretch to right)
Love above me (Feet apart; arms up with hands in prayer)
Love below me (Squat with prayer arms down (like 2nd half of warm-up)
Love unto me (Hands on heart)
Love in my surroundings (Circle arms around)
Love to all (Bigger circle of arms around)
Love to the universe (Arms up in wide V with Jupiter finger, #1 pointing up)




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